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BMW 1150R Trike




The Sporty BMW moto-trike


The R1150R trike is another Steve Harper design. His work blends perfectly with the style of the bike but is sportier than the original Trike1200C. Lithe and aggressive-looking, it features dual Ducati-style exhausts which exit below the seat.


A new CNC billet fork bridge resets the steering geometry, ensuring smooth and safe cornering without shoulder wrenching effort from the rider. The R1150R is fitted with BMWs own Tele-Lever front wishbone which is ideally suited to a three-wheeled layout and one of the reasons we chose this motorcycle. The machine is easy to handle and is ideal for beginners.


The rear of the seat provides a platform for a GIVI 55 litre case. An optional low luggage platform can be used for an additional bag such as a waterproof Ortlieb (up to 70 litres) or GIVI case.


Other notable features include rear disc brakes with billet calipers and braided hoses, and independent double wishbone rear suspension with in-board dampers and anti-roll-bar. Front braking is the standard 320mm BMW set-up.


Production of the BMW R1150R ceased in 2007. The conversion is only available therefore on a used donor bike. 99% of UK supplied trikes are factory built. The semi knocked down kit is designed for easy assembly worldwide, and export is delivered in a wooden box, door to door. All parts are included and take just 30 hours to assemble.


It’s a fully bolt on kit, requiring no special tools, and is easily reversible to two wheels if required. All body panels are 2-pack painted in primer, or in your standard bike colour, or custom painted. The chassis and fabricated parts are powder coated in satin black polyester. The new CNC aluminium billet fork bridge and rear uprights are black anodized, and fully rose jointed for adjustment. There is an optional electric reverse.


We offer a choice of wheels: Rimstock one-piece blends nicely with the front or a 3-piece billet wheel that duplicates the BMW style.


The 1150R-T has a sporting but comfortable ride, safe, precise handling with minimum steering input. 85bhp ensures brisk performance.